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you cant read this nigga

so yeah, on friday i got my hair cut....and it looks really leaving in like 3 weeks to go to Boston...yeah im so excited...hmm..things are good...i like where my life is right now...and what im doing with it. OKAY so yeah my birthday kind of sucked but was kind of cool at the same time...i got presents up the wazoo and yeah i felt all special...i cut my hair on looks really awesome and im in love with it now i cant stop touching in and yeah my hair is most likely going to fall out...and that would suck bc i cut like 6 inches from it. wow...i know its a lot. okay so i was talking to this guy from 24 hour fitness...hes cut i cant take it anymore, hes like a little kid that wont ever shut the fuck up..he always wants to hang out and i guess that what guys do...but he talks about nothing but himself and if thats not the topic of the conversation then the gym that he works for is...and i want to kill myself everytime that there is DRAMA AT 24..which there ALWAYS IS bc....FUCK Its open 24 hours a day...i love the new 18 visions...its grown on me...its not hardcore...its rock n' roll....but its awesome dont tell them that bc they are stuck up mother 18 visions is good like huge piece of cake after youve worked out for 3 hours...well thats it for today....ill update later<3
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