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i cant believe that my life has come to this

i dont know why that day was any different...why you are still the only person that can make me feel that way, and the sad part about it all is that you dont even know that you do that to me...that you are the only reason why i cant sleep at night...why i try to be better...why i try not to run into you...because every time that i do see you my heart stops and my it breaks all over again...i freeze...and my mind remembers..and i think again, what i could do to make it all make you come back to me...and make you see that i can be better, that i can make an effort and that im not this person that you hate...but im still the person that you fell deep in love with...that at the end of the day, my heart is still crying from the state in which you left me in...and that at the end of the are still the only person that i want to be with...i dont know that it was that i did to deserve all of this...but what i do know is that if i make you stay...and id make you see that you mean more to me then all the stars in the sky and more to me then any jewel that anyone can admire...that i would want to be that person that you fall in love with everyday all over again...and never want to be away from...i want that more then anything in the world...if you were here, i would be saying all these things to you and not writing it here in this journal that you will never read...
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