Im the Bitch with the Flower in her Fucking Hair (sxequeen13) wrote,
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I dont know what my life can be without you in it...

the past few days have been a lot for me to deal with with the club going under and my love life being close to dust, my friends are the only thing right now that are helping me get through the day, i have reached this part in my life where i dont know what else to do, or where else to go, i feel as if i should just crawl into a hole and die...i dont know what the fuck is the matter with me, i know that the average person going though all of this would have probable started crying because of all of this that is going on, but i cant cry, and when im driving and im trying to make myself cry...i feel stupid bc all the tears are fake...they arent hpw i really feel....i feel so lost...and i dont care for once, i dont wish that i had a light, i dont wish that i guidance, i dont care about anything...
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